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Our Team

Meet Your Coaches


Elizabeth Wosman  |  Owner + Coach

Liz was born and raised in Chicago and currently lives in Southlake Texas with her husband, Jeff, Cosette (10), Clark (9), and Tucker (4). Liz has always done things a little out the box and attended both college (Psychology + History) and graduate school (Intercultural Conflict Mangement) in Germany. She lived in Vail, CO and Los Angeles before moving to Southlake in 2017.


Liz spent 12 years working in Mergers & Acquisitions for a global strategic consulting firm before FINALLY following her heart and diving into her passion - nutrition + fitness coaching.


From the onset of Macro Dragon, Liz's goal has been to foster a community where mental + emotional wellness takes precedence above all other goals. Mindset is KEY - and addressing underlying beliefs is integral in creating sustainable, long-term habits.


She is a certified Transformational Coach, PN1 Nutrition Coach, and currently working on her OFNC and NLCA certifications.


Julie Whitehead  |  Assistant Coach

Born and raised in South Carolina! She has a 12 year old pup, Reesi, who is the love of her life. Julie has been a personal trainer for over 4 years, coaching online for two of those now! Running was always her thing! After a knee injury and 4 knee surgeries, Julie had to find a different way to work out, which is how she found her passion for weight lifting. Through the gym, Julie found the world of bodybuilding and competed in two bikini competitions a few years ago.


She fell in love with strength training and wanted to help others realize that they did not have to do hours of cardio to achieve their health and fitness goals. She holds her OFNC and HMCC certifications as well as personal training certification! Julie’s philosophy for training is to train for overall health and wellness and to help her clients become the best versions of themselves while still enjoying life.


“If you can build a muscle, you can build a mindset"

Support Team

Support Team

Kayla Hurt  |  Director of Operations

Kayla lives in Texas with her husband James, and her 1 year old son, Chase.


She was a 2nd grader teacher for nine years and is now a stay at home mom. Kayla loves her family, organizing, and pizza.


Annie Collins  |  Community Outreach

Annie lives in Utah with her husband and five children.


She has her OFNC certification and has a passion in helping others. Annie loves Marvel movies, reading, and sewing. 

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